Profile and Bios

Efan Feekar

LOCATION: Spalding, UK
GENRE: Techno
Efan’s love for rave and electronic music culture started at an early age, listening to Ellis Dee rave tapes on the back seat of the school bus. This was the first sign that dance music would play an integral role in Efan's life!

On a trip to Ibiza, he met his old friend Tom Ingamells, better known as Tom Staar. Spending time in his studio ignited a drive for production again after a 20 year-long break. Efan takes some of the influences from those days into his current Techno productions.

His inaugural release "Raiden" appeared on Dense and Pika’s label Kneaded Pains, fostering support from Dense and Pika, Anja Schneider, and Rebuke, among others. Followed by his EP "Black Hole" on The AudioBloc and an appearance on Patrick Topping's label Trick are set for more success in 2021.