Profile and Bios

Matt Ess

LOCATION: Czech Republic
GENRE: Techno
Matt Ess was born in the city of Most, Czech Republic, and even at a young age, he was attracted to Techno. At the age of 12, his life was influenced by contemporary music television. At age 16, he began visiting Techno events in Ustecka. A year later he became inspired at big events such as Orion Hall, Apokalypsa, Cosmic Trip, and Svojšice. He understood at this time he could offer something to the world of Techno. Following his passion, Matt became a DJ and involving himself at the local Raketa Club, in the city of Most. He found himself performing throughout the Czech Republic and abroad. As he continued to DJ, in 2010 he began to write Techno. The real success came in 2012 when the label "Contrast Records", signed his first EP "Resurrection". Matt continues his success with work on many global labels to this day, describing his Techno as deep, dark, and truly massive.