Profile and Bios


LOCATION: Manchester, UK
GENRE: Techno
Kinrade started his journey playing Progressive records in the early 90’s. Not until 2009, when he discovered a passion for music production would he get noticed for iDJ Magazine Raw Talent feature, for both his DJ mix and production in consecutive months.

His first release being the Grave Robber EP back in 2010, hit the stores courtesy of Berlin-based label, Bad Label Lahorn. Followed by a string of releases on the established label Bigger Deer Recordings, which saw Kinrade receive support from the likes of Slam, Reset Robot and Nick Warren, establishing himself amongst other artists releasing on the Deer imprint including Funk D’Void, Paul Loraine and Nathan Coles.

Following a flurry into the world of Electronica bringing about the very diverse Sexy When Washed EP, which was released on the Philadelphia based label Rad Summer, Kinrade began to push his sound into the Techno realms with grinding percussion and intense kick drums being the driving force.

With releases on labels such as Gain Records, Society Music Recordings, Underdub Records, Kinrade’s distinctive and original brand of Techno was noticed by the label Bubblejam Records which lead to a number of remixes and EP’s on the label.