Profile and Bios

Bleur & MB1

GENRE: Techno
After 14 years of friendship and discovering a new world within the electronic music scene, two friends became the dynamic techno duo, Bleur & MB1. A combination of two musical backgrounds resulting in a powerful, raw, and dark musical combination. Based in Thessaloniki, Bleur could be found at his resident spot, Earth Club, and MB1 at Tokyo City Bar. Now having released music on many prestigious and respected labels such as Second State, Set About and BLK DRP. Bleur & MB1 hosted a series of parties titled 'No Love' featuring guests such as Michael Klein, Andre Crom, Layton Giordani, TKNO, Christian Bonori, Anna V, Danny Fontana, Eddy Romero, George Adi, Paul Anthonee, Symmetric, Mike Pipes and many more. These first events are what helped to drive the foundations, fostering a new chapter for Bleur & MB1.