Profile and Bios


LOCATION: Waterford, Ireland
GENRE: Hard Techno
Alt8, born Evan Marshall is a DJ/Producer from the southeast of Ireland who perpetuates his craft via his interpretation of Hard Techno. Respected for his indelible high energy DJ sets, Alt8 can set the tone in any musical scenario with his broad knowledge of electronic music and diverse taste in different styles of Techno. Expect fast-paced drums with lots of rave influences from the '90s and early 2000s. Leading into 2021 Alt8 has formed a distinct sound from mixing hard Techno drums with soaring melodies and trance like synths.

2020 saw the start of a musical journey for Evan as his debut release was released on UK label Kneaded Pains. The track titled ''Dreadnought'' with Luciid features on the labels 2nd VA album titled ''Kpains2'' which gained heavy support from Charlotte De Witte. Roll forward to July 2020 when Alt8 released his first EP on UK label T-Minus Records which was titled ''Cristoball''. The 4 track EP which featured a remix from US artist Sara Landry reached the Beatport album charts at number 3. For 2021 there are some big things planned with an album in the works, 2 EPs, a VA contribution and 2 remixes so far.