Profile and Bios

Lucas Wirth

LOCATION: Chomutov, Czech Republic
GENRE: Techno
Lucas first contact with the music he loves was in 2006, procuring his first set of turntables. His musical journey has evolved through varying shades of the underground, Techno being the core. Call It Techno, Delirium, Holographiks, Underground, Schranz Zone, S.P.A Rendezvous, Massacre Night and Hard Night are the names of some of the parties Lucas has been responsible for over the years.

His ability hasn't gone unnoticed in the studio, he has notched up an impactable release catalogue since his debut EP with Matt Ess on DSR Digital. Releases on Phobiq, Kaligo, Dolma Red, Reload Records, Naked Lunch Records, DSR Digital, Techno Vinyls Records, Finder Records, Ushuaia Music, Pure Dope Digital and many others.

He has also played beside some incredible global talent such as Kaiserdisco, Lucca, Džejár, Subgate, Richie Gee, Ganez The Terrible, and Golpe aka Broken Robot.