Profile and Bios

Pablo Caballero

LOCATION: Argentina
GENRE: Techno
Born in Pinamar, Argentina, Pablo Caballero began his journey as a music producer and DJ in 2012 through Minimal Techno and Tech House, influenced by the sound of that time from artists like Spartaque, Umek, Spektre, Tomy De Clerque, Alberto Ruiz, Miguel Bastida, and Metodi Hristov, amongst others.

His change in sound in 2015 gave rise to a darker and more melodic style of hard, hypnotic Techno inspired by artists like Spektre, Skober, Jay Lumen, Mark Reeve, Coyu, Arjun Vagale, and others.

In April 2015, he began his entrepreneurial endeavours in the industry by opening labels Polygon Record, and Trigonometryk. Restless, always seeking to write more, and honing his skills as a music producer, Pablo released music on multiple labels, while also frequently appearing on his own, bringing in fresh new faces and established producers alike.

Methodical in his approach, yet questioning and defying all musical boundaries, Pablo Caballero's music has made an impact on vinyl and digital formats through labels such as Ballroom, Dolma Records, Stickrecordings, Oscuro Music, Creptonit, Mazzinga Records, De-Konstrukt, Gain Records, Frequenza, Finder Records, Mechanikal, Techno Vinyl Records, and several others.

In the process, he obtained support and chartings from artists like Umek, Nicole Moudaber, Spartaque, Dr. Motte, Tomy De Clerque, and Devid Dega.

Considered one of Argentina's homegrown talents, Pablo Caballero has been on the decks at venues like Pueblo Limite (Villa Gesell), Sobremonte (Mar Del Plata), Ku (Pinamar), El Alma (Pinamar), La Luna (Pinamar), Duende (Sanbernardo), UFO Point (Pinamar), Stadium (Mar Del Plata), and Privilege (Mar Del Plata).

With many more releases yet to come, it can be seen that his non-stop hustle is a trajectory that will take him far.