Profile and Bios

Charlie Sparks

GENRE: Hard Techno
It was throughout his architectural studies when he quickly fell in love with the fast pace beat filled atmosphere of the Techno scene, coupled with the energy from the people that come with it. The dark atmospheric scene became a part of Charlie, it engulfed him.

Charlie's style is Influenced by old school Techno, Psytrance and the pummeling sound of European Techno. Charlie finds harmony between the raw industrial sound and the trance-like atmosphere and creates uncompromising grooves. The aid of fast ticks and throttling synths accompanied by hazardous layers of noise create an obscure atmosphere which wraps around the individual.

It did not take long until Charlie started to produce music and showcase his style to the Techno scene. Signing to well-respected labels such as NineTimesNine, Märked Amsterdam, MOTZ, Autektone and more, Charlie’s music has also been found played on many radio stations such as Adam Beyer’s Drumcode Radio.

Charlie's productions have been supported by artists such as Amelie Lens, 999999999, Shlomo, Hadone, Thomas Schumacher, Felicie, T78, CLTX and more. A powerful presence in the DJ booth has allowed him to play in many cities across the world such as London, Liverpool, Amsterdam, Bournemouth, and Mumbai.